Organise your own sweepstake.

Easy to set up: customise your sweepstake and invite colleagues, clients, friends or family.


Create groups for departments, teams or societies. Challenge those snobs from Finance, the bores from Accounting or the geeks from Tech. With group rankings as well.

Bonus questions

Participants can earn extra points by correctly answering configurable bonus questions. What's Kane's goal tally going to be? Will Vardy stun the world and win the Ballon d'Or?

Flexible points systems

Configure the number of points awarded for goals, end results and final brackets. This plays a huge role in the total amount of points that can be awarded, and who takes that grand prize.


Brexit aside, want your sweepstake to be international? Got friends, family or clients abroad? No problem! We support English, French, German and Dutch. Want a different language? Help us translate!

Live discussion

Members can discuss results or news items. Every match can be discussed in real-time, in case you're in the tube and need your mates' live commentary, or just want to debate Ronaldo's crazy shoes or Pogba's latest ridiculous haircut.

Social media

Share your predictions with the world! Members can share predictions, results and rankings on social media. Don't be modest and show them who is boss. Great not just for egos, but for company exposure as well!

Custom layouts

Admit it, everybody loves to be unique and different. Upload your own logo and adjust the sweepstake colours exactly to your liking from your admin panel. Create your own special place of awesomeness!

Stay in touch

Post news items with updates about the tournament, or the goings-on of the sweepstakes. Contact participants via e-mail to distribute the latest rankings and match results.

On every device

Our fully responsive design perfectly fits any device. Whether plain old Desktop, fancy mobile phone or brand new tablet - we've got you covered.


Detailed user profiles show where you score relative to others and how many points you've earned so far. Upload your own profile picture, to show everyone you're on top.

Private messaging

Nothing wrong with a bit of banter, but sometimes you just want to rub it in when your mates get it all wrong. Members can send each other private messages when 'keeping it civil' is just being too nice.

Advanced statistics

Where do you score relative to other participants? Is it really true that guys know more about the beautiful game than women? Or are the gals much better, on account of their superior understanding of the male physique?

Private / public

When you're organising a sweepstake for your team or society, you might want to keep it strictly members-only. In closed sweepstakes, you decide who is invited to the party.

Flexible domain names

Rather have your own domain name? No problem whatsoever! We're happy to hook you up. Having or is an e-mail away.