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FAQ. Frequently asked questions about Predicter.

Why do I have to pay in that strange foreign currency?

Because it's the Euros, silly! No, we just haven't gotten around to allowing payment in the great Sterling or the mighty Dollar yet: we were too busy working on making your sweepstake awesome - sincerest apologies. If you'd rather just get an invoice in your own favourite currency, that's fine by us, just drop us a line.

What exactly is a sweepstake?

You can call it whatever you like. You might call it a pool if you're a Yank; or a tippspiel if you're German. The point is this: we want you and your participants to have lots of fun predicting the outcomes of matches, for all the great tournaments, at minimal cost, with a great look and amazing features.

I want to gamble!

There are plenty of websites for that, but this is not one of them. We facilitate companies, teams, clubs, societies, or any group of people, in teambuilding and having fun. Sure, you can charge a fee for your members and award expensive prizes. That's all completely up to you. We just want to make your experience of a major tournament as exciting as possible.

To Predictor or to Predicter?

Bit of a purist are you? Good for you. So are we, so here's a dictionary quote: a predicter is a person or thing that predicts. We're no Dr. Johnson, but that seems about right!